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What hasn't worked to get new customers?

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I'm curious as to what marketing ideas others have tried and found to be less than stellar generators of leads. only 6 years of experience for myself with this business but one thing i try to remember now is that i need to be very careful where i spend my marketing dollars. i've tried lots of different services, ideas, etc and try to throw my money at the ones that have the best return but here are a few that i feel i wasted money on....

1) the coupons on the back of your grocery store receipt. 3 months - 0 calls
2) contractor partnership with Crye-Leike realtors (largest realty firm in TN) 0 calls. they charged a monthly fee + 10% of job
3) 6 weeks of 3 a day radio spots. (bartered with the owner of the station so it felt worth the risk) but only 1 call, an employee of the radio station who turned out to be a pita.
4)senior yellowpages. still doing this one but i don't feel i've gotten much response from it.

plenty of others as well but lets hear what you've tried.

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It all depends how much money you want to spend on advertising.

I haven't tried to many things yet, but I am not willing to advertise. I am more word of mouth and referrals.
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