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What NOT to do when hanging fabric

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OK, so I'm on a job in the "Land of the Rich & Shameless" (that would be Southampton, Long Island) and we are installing some fairly high end fabric.

When hanging fabric, you obviously don't want to get anything on the face of the product as it will immediately soak in and stain.

So, what could be the worst thing to get on the face of it? That's right, a sample of your DNA. I goofed and forgot i had stuck a razor blade in the wall to hold the fabric in place while I made a relief cut around some moldings. I took my right hand and swept it across the fabric to lay it in place a bit better and caught the razor blade with my pinkie. Ouch. Cut it to the bone.

I am proud to say not one drop got on the fabric, and i wrapped the finger and finished out the day. It was tough to work clean, the blood soaked through layers of bandaids before it finally quit oozing.

Fair warning, if blood or mangled flesh makes you woozy, stop right here.

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You must be in pretty high demand to do all the traveling that you do ....Do you usually bring all of you own tools? Are these all referals?
I was thinking on the same lines as "Do you usually bring all of you own tools?" yesterday when I read this topic. So, how do you work out the tools and drops and ladders ect... do they travel with you?

Welcome aboard Johnnygo! :thumbsup:
Johnnygo, step on over to the pub down the street ( ) and tell us a bit about yoruself, if you wouldn't mind. ;)

ProWallGuy, I have always enjoyed your posts. You do some interesting work... Ever thought about affording an apprentice to travel with you? I might consider... lol...
And jason, if the rumors are true that you are willing to work for $90 a day, I'll drag you all over the country with me. Can you tote buckets of water and make a good sandwich? :laughing:
Just kidding. I wish i knew you were up in Portland when I was there recently, we could've hooked up for lunch or cocktails and talked shop. I enjoy meeting other contractors on the road when i get the chance. :thumbsup:
Haha.... maybe 10 years ago I would have toted water and made sandswiches.. I can still make a good sandwich but they will cost more than $90... lol ;)

Yeah no doubt, Mcmenamins is right next door, good food and drink. BTW...during the SW poker Tournament at the Pro Show that my partner was a part of, I decided to go walk through ****ie's Sports so just in case he won that $1000 shopping spree they had (I knew he would take part in the top 20 winners, he's an avid Texas-hold'm player, He took 8th place out of the final 20 of 250, Not BAD! :thumbup: That winning was $1000 at Best Buy ), I would be ready to know what I wanted and while I was there I had to stop in and see your work... Can't help but see it as you walk in the front door. Looks great!

If your ever back in town, just holler! :yes:

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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