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Where do you buy your sundries/supplies?

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I buy mainly from SW. If HD or Lowes or anyone else has what I need and SW carries it, they will give me the better price. Otherwise:

I just got a call from Independent Tool & Supply out of Ohio. They offered me the 9" Wooster Super Fab 3/4" for $2.50 (getting the foot in the door sale) and also faxed me a price list and I can continue to buy this roller sleeve for $2.75.

The Paint can't beat that price (haven't called to find out) as I see they list theirs for $3.18... My local paint stores couldn't touch it. Matter a fact most of what they are offering me, no one can can come close... I don't think they stock EVERYTHING... but what I use they seem to be able to stock.

The Wooster 9" Sher lock roller frame I got for $5.99.... Nice!

Some items where in bulk... but with those prices... I may as well purchase..

Any thoughts?

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In general I hang up on the Mass roller salesman. Any thing I would do would be from the looking point of view. Of course I mite holed there #s over my SW rep or ICI. All of my SW'S don't carry any Wooster product let alone a 6 pack. In fact if there plan-a- gramer cuts much more back on product I will have to stop at ICI to pick up paint. Good thing there driveway are adjoin.

SW may not carry Wooster products per se but they can be ordered. My SW guy orders mine for me all the time. It's , for the most part, just brushes though. I would assume if they can get brushes then they can get whatever else. The SW's around here will bend over backwards for contractors. Oh, and I was told that they don't display Wooster because of the fact they own Purdy. :mad: If you arent opposed to having them order for you, then you are set.
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