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Where do you buy your sundries/supplies?

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I buy mainly from SW. If HD or Lowes or anyone else has what I need and SW carries it, they will give me the better price. Otherwise:

I just got a call from Independent Tool & Supply out of Ohio. They offered me the 9" Wooster Super Fab 3/4" for $2.50 (getting the foot in the door sale) and also faxed me a price list and I can continue to buy this roller sleeve for $2.75.

The Paint can't beat that price (haven't called to find out) as I see they list theirs for $3.18... My local paint stores couldn't touch it. Matter a fact most of what they are offering me, no one can can come close... I don't think they stock EVERYTHING... but what I use they seem to be able to stock.

The Wooster 9" Sher lock roller frame I got for $5.99.... Nice!

Some items where in bulk... but with those prices... I may as well purchase..

Any thoughts?

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I'd like to know an alternative to buying sundries too.

I get good paint prices at sw, but they make up for it on sundries and tools.

HD is cheaper but the quality is lower and I never know if I'm getting a 1st or a 2nd on name brands.
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