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Where is your wheelhouse

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Mine is exterior residential repaints or anything exterior.
I painted apartment buildings for 30ish years so painting the outside of a house is gravy.
I stay busy year-round and being in Oklahoma the weather lets us for the most part.
MOST of the time I can walk in one gate and out the other and I'll have a price so the estimates are quick and the work is easy.
Can't stand cabinets and occupied interiors so for the most part we don't do them.
When I was younger I would do ANYTHING that came my way but thankfully I've worked myself into a niche that seems to pay well and I enjoy it.
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New interior construction.

Seems to be pretty unpopular here but it's what I love. I definitely understand the cons but I rarely have to bid jobs, and most bids can be done over the phone, that allows me to spend time at the end of the day to spend with my kids and wife.

To make money you need a well dialed in system, a good quality/quantity ratio as well as a schedule book (that constantly needs to be tweaked, that is my biggest pain in the butt) and of course a network of builders. Also masking and spraying skills are pretty key.

%95 of the time I get the job site to ourselves. No HOs, no pets, no kids, no furniture on site.
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