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Which primer to use, high build? oil? Kilz vs. Zinser?

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Hello all I was talking to my local SW dealer about my issue of the bad plaster. He suggested to sand down the really rough spots and prime the entire wall with a high build primer. He mentioned that I could use a thick 3/4" nap roller to apply the high build primer even though they are usually put on with a sprayer. I tried a small area that was really bad and with a good sanding and regular primer it looks a lot better. I think the high build would look even better if I can apply it correctly with a roller. My first question would be has anyone ever applied a high build primer with a roller and if so do you have any suggestions? Second is does anyone have a primer they would suggest to cover a dark plum semi smooth wall to be painted in a light blue? Kilz Oil, latex, Zinser? SW?
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I was going to suggest 123 for a color change but BM fresh start is good as well..
My comment was for the color change and not the peeling issue.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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