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Which quality interior Flat/Matte paint is the easiest to wash

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I'm looking for more experience here. I need an interior flat paint that is easy to wash with out sacrificing quality. It is for a little boys room. I have heard really good things about the BM Regal and Aura lines but I have also heard good things from the SW Duration series. So I am a bit stuck on the product.
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I would not decide whether or not to use Aura based on if walls are primed. The product has other traits that I like besides the self-priming. I have not actually used it yet for its self-priming characteristics. Over ready-patch with Matte, it will flash if you only one coat over it, the second coat looks fine, but a lot of paints do that.
I think that Aura matte has a little lower sheen than Regal Matte.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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