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Hello All,

I am currently doing my intership at a tape manufacturer in The Netherlands.

We are a convertor of self-adhesive tapes with its focus on Professional painting / masking tape.
We are currently developing a new kind of masking tape (washi masking tape/Japanse flat paper) which has many benefits over the traditional masking tape. (No adhesive residue, easy removable even after 4 months and multiple layers of paint, UV resistant, no paint bleed and works on almost every surface)

For my internship I have to research a possible expansion to the USA market. In order to execute this research in the best way possible I have to answer the next questions:
- What kind of masking tape / which brand does the professional painter in the USA use?
- How many rolls does he / his company uses per (for example) month or year?
- Where does he buys the masking tape? (For example; Home Depot, Sherin-Williams, directly from a distributor)

Since this is a very large and active forum with professional painters I was wondering if as many as possible could help me and answer this 3 questions about his own masking tape use.

Thank you in advance!

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We use 3M 2070 and 2080, Yellow Frog Tape, 3M regular beige. And various other specialty tapes such as automotive striping tape, high adhesion stucco tape, etc..

Probably 10-15 rolls a month with the 2070, 2080 and yellow Frog being the most used.

Mostly bought from SW, BM and other local suppliers.
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