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Who is your top dog (paint vender)

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I have found with my experience with the bigger paint vendor that they do a whole lot of selling and whole lot of no support. The paint vender i value the most is Vista Paints. They stand behind there product and take care of any issues that is on there end.
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Well it looks as if I am in the wrong area for SW. I have had nothing but problems with SW, it seems all they care about is sells, sells, sells. I've been left standing In the rain a number of times with no support from SW at all. And when they do come on my job I feel like I'm dealing with a bunch of lawyers. If you find a vendor that works for you then you should stick with that one. I know who I want and who I don't want and SW is surly one I don't want.
I do believe you make a good point. Before any one makes a decision about what vendor you chose, you 1st need to believe in the product. I do believe service and product should come hand and hand, after all you are paying for both. Unfortunately my experience went beyond the rep to upper management. I have to say at one time SW was the best for me because the service was there and they stood behind there product. Let's face it paint is paint it going to fail no matter what brand you buy. It how the vendor treats the failure is what matters. We all don't want them but we will have them no matter how great the product is or how great of a painter someone is. If you don't have the support from your vendor when you have a failure then you better double your prices to help pay for the failure when you do have one.
That really is where my SW rep stands. Seriously. As if he was my business partner. I have lost track to how many times we got together to work on marketing plans..... Shweeeeeeet! It was nice. We don't get together much anymore as my business has lvl'd out as far as staying in the market. I have my nitch and he know's what kind of leads to send me. Nonetheless, I do all my bids and when I have questions (rarely anymore) I call him first or post to PT. :yes:
I have a real tight relationship with my Vista Paints rep as I see you may have one with yours Jason. It very important to have a close relationship with a rep that has valuable resources. Such as one that is up with the current projects that are out for bid, current product failure and give you leads. although I have seen some shady deals take place. I think its important to know your relationship with your rep. Although he might be great and seem real supportive of your business. He still has one goal SELL PAINT. That means to you or to his other clients. If you were to go belly up would he be as generous to you? :thumbsup:
SW gave me a great price on pants (after I ordered 650 gals) ... $10 a pair, and 100 free shirts with 50 pairs of pants for the guys!
Im sure you payed for it in the paint
I doubt it...he gets the "mover and shaker in the paint industry" deal.
I've gotten the same deals, Paying for paint as as cheap as you could get, getting a lunch 3 days of the week from 3 deferent suppliers, get free laker tickets, free shirts, and many concerts. there got to be some way we pay for it unless they just pass it on to the smaller costumers.
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