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Why Backroll?

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Hi all, im not sure why people backroll after spraying a surface. I can understand if the product is thick - like an Elastomeric product - and you want to roll out any air bubbles and make sure all the nooks and crannies are covered and filled.

But I have heard both sides that for regular painting - like Superpaint (for example), on a smooth or vinyl (for example) repaint of an exterior (for example).

I just wanted to know if you do or dont and why....

thanks for shedding light on this!
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I have several contractors quoting on painting the exterior of my home. However, when questioned on what is the best method to apply the paint (hand brush or sprayer), they are as many opinions as there are contractors. My home is located in Raleigh, NC and the exterior siding is hardboard.
Basically, both spraying and brushing are fine, so long as the paint is put on at the proper spread rate (sq. ft./gallon). Spraying will provide a smoother appearance, and less chance for mildew to get into brush marks and grow. With spraying, the painter has to be careful about getting a full coat onto areas that are next to areas that won't be painted, so careful masking must be done. Some people think sprayed paint will not adhere as well as if brushed, but we have not seen that, so long as the surface has been properly prepared.

This is from PQI
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