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Just curious as to what window cleaners charge? Do they have prices to do X sq ft of glass, 1st floor, 2nd floor, or what? What about the insides as you have to take about 4 times as long to do it neat & pretty?

Looking for a formula that would keep you in the area of where your competition would be. :blink:
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Around my neck of the woods they charge by the # of windows not sqft of glass. Not sure what they charge.... I was just talking to my partner about this yesterday... funny that you bring it up... :eek:

Wonder what they charge per window? Also what about the difference in 1x4 windows on a first floor & 5x10 windows that are on a second story? :blink:

Just like painting, I'm sure deep down inside they have a basic formula that will keep all the window washers in the area on the same track, as to where they aren't being considered low ballers & pissing off their competition.
I recently did a nice store front, and the owner wants me to do more of the property. While talking he mentioned how upset he was with the fact as I made his place look so great & brand new, and a few months later it looks as if I was never there from all the traffic dirt on the building. I want to offer him a good deal to keep his store front looking new. Maybe a monthly pressure wash & bi-weekly window cleaning. I know what I'd charge him, but it got me thinking of the 100 store fronts on his road that are in the same situation as him. I wouldn't mind getting alot of them for a regular cleaning and/or window washing. If I'm there already, might as well earn a few bucks helping out the neighbors too.

Before I go ahead & try to sell to his neighbors, I need a little system to go by. I don't want to rob the window cleaners of america of their jobs, but rarther offer what they do at their price, so it's fair.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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