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I know there are many threads on here about work lights but I figured we were due for another.

So, just got gifted one of these Wobble Lights. The big one, not the jr. Was getting a little tired of banging my halogens around in the van, breaking parts off, getting too hot while using, etc. etc. Just tried it out and I have to say I like the 360 degree lighting. Thing doesn't seem to generate much heat which is nice. It's a little cumbersome in terms of weight, but not overly so.

Anyone else use these? Have any cautionary tips, suggestions?
Can’t go wrong upgrading from halogen. Lighting is pretty Important.
I’ve never heard of the Wobble Light before now. It looks bright- did you get the newer LED version? What are the specs on your version? How many lumens? What color is the light?
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