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Wood windows and doors with Vinyl siding?

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Is anyone else having problems keeping paint on wood windows and doors when the house is wrapped in vinyl siding.
On the new construction houses Ive been doing for the past 12 years, Ive been seeing it happen with in about two years. But Ive seen others fail a little sooner, id assume do to the quality or lack of a second coat. The ones done in oil really go fast.
I also had it happen to wood windows in a house i bought about 6 years ago. When i bought it most of the windows where in good shape (10 years old original paint) but the ones in the back that where facing the weather where starting to peel.
Well i scraped/sanded/caulked/glazed/.Every thing you'd expect a good painter to do, especially to his own house. Primmed and painted with quality paints from Farrell Calhoun's. Still my preferred out side paint.
Well I'm not to sure on the exact time frame now but id say with in 8 months they where peeling again. As far as i no the sills are bare rotten wood now, unless the new owner likes painting real often.

Id assume this problem has to be a moisture problem. Where the rain is getting between the siding and wood. Since it even takes off the factory primmer on new door casings. And it starts lifting on the outer corners first.
How is every one dealing with this problem? Warranting would be my major concern. Which is why I'm asking. Since new construction is down I'm looking for repaint work. But i shiver over the thought of any peeling paint after seeing my own windows fail over and over.
Does any one clear caulk the J channel to the wood. Thinking it would help some but clear caulk becomes dirt covered in short time. At least in new construction where red clay dust get stirred up all the time. Is there a brand that doesn't?
Any ideas, comments, or peeling experiences?
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We see that problem as well. New construction these days is so focused on building 'tight' houses that the only energy loss is the windows. So as the house tries to breathe all of the exhaust accumulates at the windows and pushes paint off from the inside out. No real remedy for us painters other than to use the best breathable latex products we can.
Almost all new construction here has vinyl windows. Only run into real windows in restricted subs, or repaints.
Almost all new construction here has vinyl windows. Only run into real windows in restricted subs, or repaints.
Yea here to thank goodness. All the wood windows Ive ran across lately only paint on the inside.Out sides metal covered! :thumbsup:

But the back door casings are still wood.
And i was thinking about trying to do a few repaints since the new construction is so slow.
And they always want there wood windows painted. :(
Souther exposure trim

I've had the same problem on my house. The siding is aluminum but the windows and trim are wood. Paint would fail in 2 years and trim deteriorated. Yuck. I scraped, sanded, coated with epoxy etc. The paint still fails and this in Cleveland where the sun doesn't shine that much.

Fortunately our lab developed a new product recently that has solved the problem and renewed the surface of the trim. It is an extremely high build (15mils fry film in 1 coat)acrylic primer that penetrates. It does not dry out and crack like the oil based primers I've used in the past. It also smoothes out the really rough wood on the sills. I put it on this summer and it still shows no sign of failure and looks great.

The product is called "Trim Magic" which will be on the shelves this year. Have your paint supplier call XIM for a sample or PM me if you would like try it. The attached pictures are from my house. These windows are 28 year old Pella windows and now look pretty good.


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