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woodgrain on metal doors

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Is there any reason to believe this won't last as long as a normal exterior latex paint job... X I M primer tinted to a butternut, covered with a reddish brown exterior latex cut 1:1 with Behr ultra deep exterior base (satin), then lightly dragged with a sponge to highlight the raised grain of the door. What do you think? Any sealer needed? Other thoughts?
Thanks, fletch
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wtf????that fibergalss door looked horrible,,,id strip it and begin again,,,,,

(unless the quality of the photograph put those vertical strokes in the bottom rail,,,,,and it doesnt appear so)
im sorry if i ofended the craftsman that stained this door,,,

is this the type of a forum that everyone praises each others work, or a forum that offers honest critique???

the wtf portion of my post was overkill, but i was totally amazed that all of these pro painters were giving this door praise

just honest critique of a picture that was posted here
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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