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woodgrain on metal doors

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Is there any reason to believe this won't last as long as a normal exterior latex paint job... X I M primer tinted to a butternut, covered with a reddish brown exterior latex cut 1:1 with Behr ultra deep exterior base (satin), then lightly dragged with a sponge to highlight the raised grain of the door. What do you think? Any sealer needed? Other thoughts?
Thanks, fletch
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I just figured out whats going on...I kept looking for the door in question and then realized I needed to click on the link you posted to see it.

I think your door looks really good. Having done a few miles of staining in recent years, I can appreciate the degree of difficulty, especially with a darker tone. The door looks great. It is quite clear to my eye that the vertical on the bottom is intentional, and not a result of bad staining. To me it evokes the look of curly maple with a "ribboned" looking grain. Its a subjective art, and different peoples "eyes" are evolved to different levels of sophistication. Nicely stained door...I would not be ashamed to see that hang on one of my jobs.
I am really impressed with that kind of graining on a steel door. The dude rocked it. I wasnt calling you out at all MAK, but...John the painter missed the boat on that one totally. Its a pretty darn impressive stain job given the circumstances.
I know Scott, but I also made mention to the stripes on the bottom panel.
And you also said that it doesnt look bad. You were basically saying that it caught your eye, and you werent sure what the intent of the effect was. Thats a world of difference from saying WTF!

When Stacy comes back I think he will verify that he was going for the ribboned look of curly maple or quartersawn oak on that one piece. Its cool that he introduced it only on the bottom piece for a subtle effect. I dont mean to speak for Stacy, and I dont know him at all, but from a staining perspective I think that is the effect he was going for and I respect his work. That kind of graining with stain is beyond what I could do, and I am a pretty good stainer.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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