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Working with a color consultant

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Hi everyone,

Would you be kind enough to give me your impressions on working with a color consultant. I am about to graduate in an interior design program and started my own business with a strong focus on color consulting. Have you worked with one before?

I try to help my homeowners through the angst and indecision they feel when painting. Would having a consultant work with your clients be of help to you?
I appreciate your advice as I try to create a service that is of help to both client and contractor :)

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Working with a designer is a great bonus.
Helps confused owners, relieves me of responsibility!
We advise professionals every chance we get.
Beth, in my own case, by far most folks have a color already selected and are firm in that selection, even if it is dreadful.

Most repaint the same color or perhaps a minor tone difference in one room.

20% ask for our help selecting a colorchange and we will only advise what is being used in high dollar limited production homes in our area.

We refer them to 3 interior designers we have worked with in the past.

Among those who have selected a "different" color, there is frequently a change soon as they see a significant sample on the wall.

A redo after the work is complete is rare, but does occur.

In a most recent situation, it was a nice, conservative color, but there was a problem when the season changed and reflected light from a redwood deck caused the pigment hues in the wallpaint to go quite purple.
The client found it objectionable.

Another past case, was a newly purchased home, with a designer selected color that did NOT look right to the client when a wall was painted.
Problem was again reflected light off the carpet, which in fact, was being changed to a different color, also selected by the designer.
Situation was resolved when I went back and re-tarped the room to cover the offensive carpeting to show what the room would look like otherwise.

We are frequently asked to do kermit the frog green or pink or purple in bedrooms and I love it... we know we'll be back for a color change soon!

For really fun people I have a small feng shui book I carry in the truck.

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There's the percentage again!

5 or 10% would be OK by me to resolve the few problems I've had with significant color changes. The indecision and stress as the client vacillated back and forth until finally coming to a conclusion was difficult for us, AND was time lost.

Everything goes quicker when specs are well thought out and defined.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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