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I've recently got into spraying as I'm a carpenter making fitted furniture and I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm having a nightmare with it!

I was recommended and sold a wagner 5000 xvlp after taking back an airless gun that was unsuitable for what I'm doing.
The problem I'm having with it is after applying the paint (Tikkurila helmi 10) there's thousands of little air bubbles on the work piece. A lot of them dissappear after drying, but some don't, and it's enough for me to see/feel them. I'm dreading paint something for a customer that gets rejected because of it.

I've tried warming the paint, thinning it, warming and thinning it. Reducing the air pressure,.increasing the air pressure, messing around with the material output, moving closer/further away whilst spraying. Nothing seems to work and I'm at a loss. Is it the way the gun works?I feel like I can see them forming when I pass the gun over the workpiece.

I'm also wondering if there's something wrong with the paint, as it appears to have little bubbles in even after stiring for a while, but I'm new to this so could completely wrong. I've got a couple of photos just after application on a test run...


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